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Article 1: Doctrine of Buddhism and the Principle of Natural Reliance


We embrace teachings that have originated from the eternal fount of wisdom and compassion. These doctrines guide us towards nurturing harmony between our inner and outer worlds, and between individuality and community, laying the foundation for global harmony and peace.


Article 2: Compassion and Empathy


Above all, emphasize profound compassion and empathy towards all sentient beings. Understanding the suffering of others and wishing for their happiness are fundamental tenets of Buddhism. This compassionate heart reduces conflicts and fosters peace and harmony within society.


Article 3: Purification of the Inner Self and Sincerity


Article 3 focuses on the purification of the inner self and the cultivation of sincerity. Overcoming negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and malice, and pursuing purity of heart are integral to Buddhist practice. Sincerity and honesty form the foundation for trust and genuine human relationships.


Article 4: Liberation from Desires


Article 4 encourages liberation from material desires. Avoiding greed and pursuing a simple and harmonious life lead to contentment and inner richness. Detaching from material possessions is the wellspring of true happiness.


Article 5: Peace and Cooperation


Article 5 underscores the rejection of violence and war in favor of peace and cooperation. War brings suffering and destruction, while peace is the cornerstone of compassion and cooperation. International cooperation and dialogue are the means to achieving global peace and harmony.


Article 6: Interfaith Dialogue and Understanding


Promote dialogue and understanding with other religions and beliefs. Respecting different religions and beliefs, finding common values, and engaging in dialogue with individuals from diverse backgrounds are keys to empathy and harmony.


Article 7: Responsibility towards the Environment


Emphasize our responsibility towards the environment. Maintaining harmony with the natural world and promoting sustainable living are contributions to the Earth and responsibilities towards future generations. We prioritize respecting and protecting the environment.


Article 8: Harmony between the Individual and the Community


Encourage the harmony of personal growth and the well-being of the community. Valuing the dignity of life and ethical judgments while supporting others and accumulating acts of kindness are keys to true happiness and peace. We strive for harmony between individuals and the community.


Article 9: Acceptance of the Cycle of Life and Death


Finally, Article 9 teaches us to accept the cycle of life and death. Without fear of death, we enrich our lives. It is essential to be aware of the brevity of life and spend our valuable time meaningfully.


Article 10: Learning and Education


Dedicate yourself to learning and education, promoting the deepening of knowledge and wisdom. We maintain an attitude of lifelong learning to support our own growth and the prosperity of the community.


Article 11: Personal Responsibility


Take responsibility for your actions and their consequences. We hold ourselves accountable for our choices and carefully consider their impact on others. Recognizing that ethical judgment guides our actions.


Article 12: Compassion and Support


Show empathy and compassion for the suffering of others. By helping others and extending our hands in empathy, we bring goodwill and hope to the world.


Article 13: Contentment and Gratitude


Overcome greed and desire, cultivating contentment and a heart full of gratitude. Genuine happiness is found not in material wealth but in inner fulfillment.


Article 14: Elimination of Discrimination


Declare the elimination of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, nationality, and other factors, and respect equality. We embrace diversity and practice empathy and inclusion.


Article 15: Empathy and Cooperation


Maintain harmony between personal spiritual development and the welfare of the community. We grow together with the community and emphasize mutual support and solidarity through empathy.


Article 16: Acts of Kindness and Social Contribution


Accumulate acts of kindness and support for others, building a prosperous society. We share our successes with the community and pursue a meaningful life through social contribution.


Article 17: Dignity of Life and Ethics


Protect the dignity of life and give importance to ethical judgments. We respect others and exercise ethical consideration in our actions.


Article 18: Adherence to Doctrine


Uphold the teachings of Buddha and respect the guidance of mentors and elders. We inherit and practice these teachings with reverence.


Article 19: Protection of the Environment


Maintain harmony with the natural world and strive for sustainable living. We actively contribute to protecting the environment and building a sustainable future.


Article 20: Adherence to Doctrine and Discipline


Finally, commit to faithfully adhere to this doctrine and discipline, striving for the peace and prosperity of the community. We practice this doctrine and walk the path of goodness together with fellow beings.

第1条: 仏教教義と自然帰依の教義規定




第2条: 思いやりと共感




第3条: 内面の浄化と誠実さ




第4条: 欲望からの解放




第5条: 平和と協力




第6条: 宗教と信念の対話




第7条: 環境への責任




第8条: 個人と共同体の調和




第9条: 生死の輪廻





第10条: 学びと教育




第11条: 自己の責任




第12条: 慈悲と支援




第13条: 満足と感謝




第14条: 差別の排除




第15条: 共感と協力




第16条: 善行と社会貢献




第17条: 生命の尊厳と倫理




第18条: 教義の守り




第19条: 環境の保護




第20条: 教義と規律の遵守



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