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Stay Informed About Shizen Kiei Kyo

Bookmark of Happiness

Those who are narrow-minded and can easily get angry could lose social credibility and friends. To avoid these situations, you should leave where you are and take a deep breath when you are about to yell. It is also significant to keep your mind that you always respect people around you. This makes you generous and leads your destiny in the right direction.

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Rethink about yourself

It is important for you to not only rethink the purpose and objectives of your life, but also who you are. Having solid ideas on these topics makes your life more valuable and fruitful. People always have concerns and ambivalence. However, you will be released from the stress when you gain the ideas and it leads you to success and happiness.

Protect Yourself from COVID-19

We must accept this disaster and what has been occurring on the earth recently. We must be grateful that we are alive now. No matter what happens, we need to live with warm hearts and keep our mind that we are going through this uncertain time having dignity. What we can do day to day life is that wash our hands, Gargle, and avoid the three Cs which are

1, Closed spaces 

2, Crowded places

3, Class-contact settings.

We hope you are staying safe and this situation will be resolved soon.


Love yourself

There are many people who can't build relationships with others and who do not know who they are. ​

You can find yourself only through communication with someone. You need to recognize you are special and incomparable to others.

You are the only one. No one can't be you.

The way to avoid suffering

  1. The right perspectives

  2. The right ideas

  3. The right words

  4. The right actions

  5. The right daily life

  6. The right efforts

  7. The right mind-set

See the truth of things.


Never remember the favor that you've given to others.

Never forget that favor that you've received from others.

Those who can remove their dirty hearts and concerns can be lead to happiness.

Gentle eyes, A tranquil face, Warm words

Shed Light on a Small Corner of this World. 

  1. Kindness

  2. Admonition

  3. Endurance

  4. Devotion

  5. Mindfulness

  6. ​Wisdom

Fate comes from everyday life.


Live. Live first.

Live with morality, a life that lives happily with all people with honesty every day. Those make people happy as well as make you happy. People who are living without any troubles create a purpose for them to live as human beings. 

There is no point in living a distorted life to hate or blame people.

Treat people with respect.

If you have a mind-set that respects other's personalities, values other's originality, and accepts the person as they are, then you will be able to close to that person. Strive to understand who the person is. By understanding other's perspectives, you can expand your empathy.

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